A good field for various team building activities
    Enjoy sumptuous meals and drinks in our luxuriously furnished lounges that makes us one of the best places in the Kenya.
  • Beautiful Gardens
    Enjoy our beautiful serene gardens that make Kaptagat farm resort ideal for weddings and photo sessions. We provide multiple reasons for you to be in our place
    A stone house in the area gives our resort another look and feel while enjoying your time
    A look from outside the resort.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Us

Kaptagat farm resort is a getaway paradise located in the hilly areas of Kaptagat, the resort stunning beauty, authenticity and welcoming spirit are an in-crowd secret no more. With all the space, there is more than enough to fill your itinerary. Here are the top five reasons why you should visit Kaptagat farm resort.

  1. Team Building

    With our large, beautiful and serene compound, you can enjoy team building activities among other corporate meetings.

  2. Conference facilities

    Kaptagat farm resort has state of the art conference rooms furnished to ensure that corporate meetings, chama meetings, family meetings among others are a success.

  3. Wedding Events

    Kaptagat farm resort has a large beautiful garden for weddings and photo sessions. Pay us a visit and get to see all these by yourself.

  4. Restaurant & Bar

    Enjoy sumptuous meals and drinks on our beautifully furnished dining rooms and lounges while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kaptagat area. Indeed Kaptagat farm resort is one of the best hotels in Eldoret where you can actually relax in style.

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